The 15 Best Mocktail Recipes Ever

We love mocktails. We love them so much that we created a whole website based completely around all the wonderful mocktails in the world!

Over the years, we have created hundreds upon hundreds of mocktail recipes. However, we definitely have a few favorites. And you do too! That is why we decided to bring you a roundup of our top mocktail recipes, showing you the best of the best. Of course, you will need to try them all and judge for yourself…

  1. The Best Virgin Pina Colada Recipe Ever

Pina Coladas have long topped the list of best cocktails ever. They are fruity, they are fun and they are exciting. They are also pretty simple to make. Toss everything into the blender and puree until smooth!

The best part about the pina colada is that a virgin drink really doesn’t taste much different than the type with alcohol. If you were a pina colada with rum lover, you are definitely going to adore our mocktail version. We actually think its even more delicious thanks to the tiny splash of vanilla extract.

  1. Virgin Manhattan

The manhattan is a drink that has been around for decades. It is actually considered one of the original cocktails. So there definitely needs to be a mocktail version of this famous drink!

A classic Manhattan is made with a whole lot of alcohol. But not ours! Our drink is made with cranberry juice, orange juice, maraschino cherry juice and lemon juice. A little bitters (totally non alcoholic!) tops it all off!

  1. Negroni Mocktail

The Negroni has never before been made into a mocktail but we thought this classic drink needed to be pulled into the world of non alcoholic drinks. We are so glad we created the virgin negroni mocktail and we know you will go crazy for it too!

The base of our recipe is non alcoholic Ritual Gin. It is full of bright, herby flavors that pair really well with the Lyre’s Orange syrup and Aperitif Rosso. It is a vibrant, Italian style drink that you will go crazy for.

  1. Virgin in the City

You may have heard of a Sex in the City cocktail but have you ever heard of a Virgin in the City mocktail? Well, it is even better than that classic, alcoholic drink. Our incredible Virgin in the City mocktail recipe uses cranberry juice, orange juice, lime and lemon juice. It is a fruity mix that is perfect for a summer day. We like to rim the edge of the martini glass with some raw sugar to make every sip nice and sweet.

  1. Long Island Ice Tea

How in the world could a drink that is made primarily with alcohol be turned into a virgin drink? We know how!

We took the classic Long Island iced tea that is made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec and completely got rid of all the liquor. Impossible? Nope! Our drink is made with freshly brewed tea, apple cider vinegar, ginger beer juice, lemon juice and orange juice. A little splash of soda and this mocktail is ready to go!

  1. Chocolate Martini

A chocolate martini is basically a dessert in a glass. It may actually be our favorite mocktail ever because it is such a treat. Want to know what is in it? We can tell you one thing, it has no alcohol!

Dark chocolate chips and coconut milk are blenders to make a creamy, chocolatey ganache. A touch of salt, a little vanilla syrup and some chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles finish off the drink. We absolutely love this mocktail chilled but you can actually enjoy it warm. It makes a mean hot chocolate.

  1. Sweet Basil Cafe Mocktail

We adore interesting, new styled drinks. That is why we are crazy about this herby, sweet, effervescent mocktail. The flavor of basil is unbeatable and a mocktail to remember.

Fresh basil leaves are infused in simple syrup, then lime and lemon juice are added in. A touch of sparkling grape juice and a simple lime wedge garnish make for a simple yet powerful mocktail.

  1. Black Mocktail

If you are looking for a show stopper mocktail, then the black mocktail is for you. It is not just an incredible looking drink, but also a delicious one. Perfect for halloween, a moonlight night or just a dinner with curious, sober friends, this is a mocktail to make.

Pomegranate juice, black cherries and agave syrup are the main ingredients in a black mocktail. We add a little black food coloring to make the drink look even more mysterious. You can skip the food coloring and you will still have a very deep red, tasty looking drink.

  1. Raspberry Virgin Mojito

Everyone loves a good mojito but everyone will go absolutely crazy for a raspberry mint mojito that is alcohol free. It is refreshing, fruity, bubbly and sweet. The fresh raspberries and fresh mint are really what makes this drink stand out.

This mojito recipe is by far one of our most popular recipes on our entire site. We definitely recommend using brown sugar to make the syrup because it adds a nice richness that is quite amazing.

  1. Pumpkin Pie Martini Mocktail

Looking for a tasty seasonal mocktail? The pumpkin pie martini mocktail is the best fall dessert drink we have ever tried. It is creamy and thick sweet and pumpkiny. Any pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lover will go crazy for this tasty, night time drink. It is a great way to take the pumpkin spice latte you love into the night time!

  1. Non Alcoholic Paloma

The paloma is a very trendy drink that is one of the most popular recipes on our whole website. Everyone just loves it! We created the recipe based on the classic paloma cocktail that originated in Mexico. Our drink has lots of that fresh, bright Mexican flavors but none of the harsh alcohol.

Our virgin paloma is made with grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave, salt and a splash of club soda. You can skip the club soda for a less bubbly drink. Honey also works in place of agave but the agave syrup really adds that authentic Mexican taste!

  1. Cucumber Gimlet

The gimlet is such an iconic, classic cocktail. Of course it needs to be made into a mocktail. And guess what? It is just as good without any alcohol added into the mix!

Gimlet experts all agree that a real gimlet needs to be made with simple ingredients. We tried to keep our cucumber gimlet mocktail as simple as possible. Club soda, cucumber, lime juice and a little bit of sweetness is all we need to make this drink! If you want to get that classic gimlet taste of gin, try using non alcoholic gin. Ritual brand is especially yummy. It gives you all the flavors of gin without any alcohol at all!

Of course you can stick to our recipe exactly as written. We do think that it is quite perfect. We highly recommend drinking it in the summer on a warm night. Ahhhhh, refreshing.

  1. Peach Bellini

You can’t make a mocktail list without adding a peach bellini to the list. Bellinis are on everyone’s list of favorite drinks and we can see why. We adore that fruity, incredible flavor and we know you will too!

Our peach bellinis are made with fresh peaches, peach juice, apple cider and fresh raspberries. Add a touch of mint and some ice then you are done! This mocktail is perfect for brunch, baby showers, or to enjoy while relaxing by the pool.

  1. Summer Sunrise

There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise in the summer. We wanted to capture that beauty in a glass. So we created the summer sunrise mocktail. It is exactly what you need to remind you of how beautiful the world (and your drink) can be!

The summer sunrise mocktail is extremely simple to make. That is probably why so many people adore it! All you need is orange juice and grenadine. Of course a fresh orange slice and some cherries added to the glass make a fantastic garnish. You really want this sunrise to be one you remember forever!

  1. French 75 Mocktail

Want a classic cocktail? Want something pure, clean and with no frills? Then you need to make a French 75 mocktail.

This classic drink is straightforward and powerful. It is made with non-alcoholic Ritual Gin. The alcohol free gin gives the drink a pleasant herbal taste with just a little bit of zing. Pair that with a little lemon juice and a splash of grape juice and you are all set!

There are so many mocktails to try that it was almost impossible to make this list. However, we know that you will absolutely adore these top 15 mocktails. They are the highest rated on our website for a reason!

So don’t be afraid to give up alcohol and start living the dry life. Clearly there are lots and lots of drinks to enjoy without ever having to take one sip of alcohol. Let us know which drink is your favorite! Enjoy.

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