All About Non Alcoholic Wines

There are a lot of non-alcoholic wines on the market. While we love all the options, we also want to know which alcohol free wines really are the best. No one wants to waste time and money drinking a bad non alcoholic wine!

We decided to find the best tasting non alcoholic wine on the market and share all our info with you. Each of these wines are completely alcohol free and taste fantastic. Run to your local liquor store and grab the best alcohol free wine to go with your meal or just to enjoy at the end of a long day.

Non Alcoholic Wines

What is Non Alcoholic Wine?

Alcohol free wine is made exactly the same as regular wine. Ripe grapes are fermented and aged to achieve a perfect taste. However, non alcoholic wine undergoes one extra step which is to remove the alcohol from the wine.

Alcohol can be removed from wine by either distillation, reverse osmosis, or using spinning cones which use centrifugal forces to remove the alcohol. It is quite the process to make non alcoholic wine!

Is Alcohol Free Wine the Same as Grape Juice?

No! Grape juice and non alcoholic wine are completely different. Grape juice is made by simply crushing grapes and extracting their juices. The grape juice is immediately bottled and sold.

Alcohol free wine is made by fermenting and aging the grape juice. It is often aged in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks for a cleaner, crisper taste. The wine is monitored for sweetness, acidity and flavor. Once the taste is just right, the alcohol is removed from the wine and it can be bottled for sale.

Is Non Alcoholic Wine Bad for Your Liver?

Non alcoholic wine is not bad for your liver. The alcohol that is usually in wine is what is really the culprit! Since alcohol free wines have no alcohol, they are completely safe to drink. You don’t have to worry about any negative health consequences when enjoying a glass of AF wine.

Best Alcohol Free Wine

We searched and searched to find the best alcohol free wines on the market. We read lots of reviews and also tasted quite a few NA wines. These were our all time, top favorite alcohol free wines.

  1. Luminaria Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

Napa Valley in California is known around the world for making some of the best wines. They also make a fantastic alcohol free wine.

All of the alcohol has been removed from Luminaria Chardonnay to create a bright, acidic and fruity wine. It is an unoaked chardonnay so it will not have that smokey taste that most chardonnays carry. It is clean, crisp and totally alcohol free!

Giesen sauvignon blanc is a wonderful white wine that is sweet and flavorful. It is made with New Zealand grapes, an area known to grow wonderful sauvignon blanc varietals.

This non alcoholic sauvignon blanc is very fruity with flavors of passion fruit, blackberry, kiwi and lemon. It may be sweet upon the first sip but it finishes dry. It is the perfect example of how complex a non alcoholic wine can be!

  1. Alcohol Free Stella Rosa Black

Stella Rosa non alcoholic wines are one of the most popular brands on the market. You can definitely find them in any liquor store near you. Alcohol free Stella Rosa is also called Stella Rosa Naturals.

They are all pretty sweet and some have a nice, slight fizz. We love Alcohol free Stella Rosa black which has a blackberry, blueberry and raspberry flavor. You will love the rich color and the surprisingly refreshing taste. Red wine has never tasted so good!

  1. Surely Rose

If you are looking for a non alcoholic rose wine, look no further. Surely Rose is one of the most delicious roses on the market. It is made in Texas from California grapes and has a very fruity, clean taste.

Surely Sparking Rose

Peach, passionfruit, strawberry and watermelon are the fruits you will taste in this bottle. It really tastes like summer in a glass! Don’t be afraid to have a second glass, all the alcohol has been removed.

  1. Lussory Premium Tempranillo

This premium red alcohol free wine is perfect to pair with any meal. It is a Spanish wine that is aged in barrels for several months. It has a wonderful, complex taste that tastes very close to a classic bottle of wine.

Lussory Premium Tempranillo

The deep red color and slight sweetness makes it a lovely everyday red. Of course we mean a lovely alcohol free every day red…

Amazing Non Alcoholic Italian Wines

Italy is well known for producing some of the best wines in the world. They also make some fantastic alcohol free wines. Here are a few of our favorite non alcoholic Italian wines.

  1. Zeero Sangivese

This non alcoholic Italian red wine is a perfect blend of grapes and will go well with just about any Italian meal. It is a dry, table red wine that has notes of blackberry, white peaches and red currants.

Pair it with your favorite Italian sauce, a great chocolatey dessert or just enjoy a glass on its own. You are going to love it!

  1. Princess Rosato Dry

Princess is an Italian red wine that makes a completely 0 proof beverage. The Rosato Dry us is one of the best rated Princess wines and can be purchase online to be delivered right to your door.

Princess Rosato Dry

It is a little sweet and not too over powering. The quality is also fantastic for the price point. This is definitely a non alcoholic Italian Wine you should try ASAP!

Delicious Alcohol Free French Wine

It doesn’t get any fancier than a bottle of French wine. Luckily, there are also lots of alcohol free French wines that you will adore. Take a loot at our favorite alcohol free red, white and rose wines.

  1. Le Petit Etoile Rose

This beautiful pink wine is made from chardonnay and cabernet grapes. It is produced in France and definitely lives up to the French wine reputation.

Le Petit Etoile Rose

With fruity notes of pink grapefruit, black currant and raspberry, you are going to want several glasses of this tasty alcohol free rose.

  1. Pierre Zero Merlot

Pierre Zero is a traditionally fermented wine. The alcohol is completely removed using a spinning cone vacuum with distillation technology. It is a true zero proof wine rather than the industry accepted standard of .5%.

Pierre Zero Merlot

There are many different types of this delicious alcohol free French wine but we really like the Merlot. It has a beautiful ruby ​​color and tastes youthful but still full bodied.

  1. Chateau De Fleur

This delicious sparkling champagne is perfect for celebrations and holidays. It is bubbly, fruity and everything you look for in a champagne. Without the alcohol, of course.

Chateau de Fleur is definitely a sweeter champagne rather than dry. However, this can be preferable in an alcohol free wine! The sweeter, the better.

Where Can I Buy Non Alcoholic Wine?

Now that you have likely seen a few alcohol free wines you would like to try, the big question is, where can you buy them?

Many alcohol free wines are available in your local liquor store. Some grocery stores even carry non alcoholic wines. However, our favorite place to shop is online. You will find the biggest selection of alcohol free wines on the web and be able to get them delivered right to your door. So hit the internet and start shopping! You are sure to find many of the wines on this list for sale in your area.

Give some of our favorite alcohol free wines a try. Let us know which you think is the best tasting non alcoholic wine on the list! If you have a favorite AF wine that we missed, send us a message or leave it in the comments below- we always want to try a new kind of non alcoholic wine! Enjoy.

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