The Innovative (and sometimes Radical) Ways Producers and Scientists are Tackling Climate Change in the Orchard

Cidermakers are beginning to feel the effects of climate change, but it seems the worst repercussions for apple growers (and cider drinkers) are just over the horizon. A case study conducted by the USDA and Wisconsin-based orchard and cidery, Brix Cider Farm, brought the current and expected challenges into focus. The majority of Brix’s Barneveld, … Read more

The C Word – The Ciderologist

I currently find myself in a rather bland hotel, escaping the early onset Autumnal drizzle, supping endless flabby flat whites, whilst grabbing an hour or so between an appearance on local radio and set up at the Witcombe Cider Festival where I am curating the Craft Cider Bar. It’s all go. It’s been like that … Read more

The Many Meanings of Wassail

It’s January, and I’m a cider writer, so, as is written into the Code of Ethics of the Guild of Cider Writers (not yet a real thing, but feels like it might not actually be too far away?), I am duty bound to write about Wassail. The good news is that this ancient custom has, … Read more